November 20, 2017

At Blinds With An Edge we love what we do and continually make improvements to our procedures and systems to ensure you get the best value service available. With that in mind, we have just established a relationship with Geelong Colourworld as we believe they are the best in their industry!  We realise that a lot of our customers are renovating or building when they are “on” for our products and we love to add value by referring businesses that can also assist them .

As leading paint suppliers in Geelong, Colourworld have been supplying paint, wallpaper and painting accessories to Geelong, Bellarine, Ballarat, Surfcoast and Melbourne for more than 25 years. Geelong Colourworld owner Brian Inglis accumulated more than 30 years of experience as a qualified painter in Colac and surrounding areas before retiring and taking over the Geelong paint business where he passes on his expert advice to customers on their painting needs.

From his time as a painter, Brian has acquired a vast knowledge of paint preparation, interior and exterior painting, restoration, paint products, painting accessories, paint colour selection, colour consulting and wallpaper. He has seen many painting trends come and go in interior and exterior painting styles and colours, from the mission brown painted exteriors of the 1970s, the pinks and grey paints of the 1980s and the neutral paint colours of the 1990s to the metallic paint choices of modern day. Brian’s career as a professional painter ensures the Geelong paint products, advice and recommendations he provides are based on first-hand experience.

To take advantage of several decades’ painting experience and paint knowledge, please contact Brian and the Geelong Colourworld team online or by phoning (03) 5221 3817 or visit their website at