Timber venetian blinds for timeless homes in Geelong

Timber venetians add an instant touch of timeless elegance to Geelong homes and businesses, making them a fail-safe option for a huge range of uses. At Blinds With An Edge, we are your local timber venetians experts, ensuring you get the blinds you want.

We have an extensive range timber venetians with various slat widths and lengths available, depending on your personal preferences and how much light you want to let into a specific room.

What to think about when choosing timber venetians

Timber venetians are highly versatile blinds, available in a variety of timber colours and styles. The natural, earthy colours and properties add instant warmth and subtle beauty to any room.

With so many options at your fingertips, consider the decor in your room and choose the right timber based on whether you want the venetian blinds to stand out as a feature, or blend seamlessly into the decor.

Timber venetians place the control firmly in your hands. You can choose the amount of light you let in, and the direction it enters your home, for maximum year-round comfort.

Our Geelong blinds experts help you ensure your venetian blinds are tilted at the right angle, letting natural light and warmth in while reducing glare and minimising UV damage to carpets, furniture and other interior furnishings.

The team at Blinds With An Edge can bring our timber venetian blinds direct to your door for a consultation. If you decide you prefer a softer material look, we can also help with roman blinds and vertical blinds for your home.