Invest in awnings for your home, for shade, privacy, & style

Awnings and outdoor blinds give you the ultimate control, providing a stylish addition to your home exterior and increased year-round comfort. Geelong’s weather is well-known for being capricious – so Blinds With An Edge ensures our window coverings are up to protecting your home in both hot and cold weather.

Simply unroll the awning for immediate protection and shade, whether a light summer shower is on the way, or the sun is beating down. They help maintain cooler temperatures inside and prevent flooring and other furniture from fading or wearing in the sunlight.

Awnings are particularly popular for verandahs and pergolas along Geelong’s coastal areas – adding a sense of privacy and protection from the elements and pesky insects.

Our experienced team specialise in awnings and can help you find the style that suits your home and your budget – from heritage-style to sleek, modern designs that add instant appeal to your home.

What can awnings do for your home?

At Blinds With An Edge, we think awnings are like mascara – the final, flirty, finishing touch to your home. As well as adding a personalised charm to your home or business, they deliver a host of benefits, including:

  • reducing glare without compromising on visibility
  • an 80 per cent reduction in solar thermal energy and radiation reaching your home interior
  • lower air conditioning consumption and energy bills.

Provide shade and coolness for your home without sacrificing on style and practicality. Our awnings are made to measure, so you can be assured the right colour, fabric and style co-ordinates with other features to give your home a real wow factor.

These window coverings ensure you can make the most of your home, no matter the time of year – providing a sheltered place for children and pets to play outside, shielded from direct sun.

If you want to save money year-round, talk to us about getting awnings installed at your home. We’re Geelong’s curtains and blinds specialists, with a unique mobile showroom stocked with a huge display of vertical blinds and plantation shutters.