June 28, 2018

If you want to boost security at your Geelong home or business without compromising on style, then roller shutters are a great way to go.

Today’s quality roller shutters are proving to be a valuable tool when it comes to helping protect your property from offenders with burglary and theft on their mind.

Recent figures released from the Crime Statistics Agency reveal an overall decline in burglary/break and enter offences in Victoria over the past 24 months, down more than 15 per cent to 44,062. While we applaud the drop, the fact of the matter remains that no-one wants their house or business to be among those statistics.

People deserve to feel safe in their homes. And that’s why Geelong roller shutters have hit the right note for many homeowners across the region who want security, practicality and aesthetics in one neat solution.

At Blinds With An Edge our experienced team knows this type of window treatment can tick all of those boxes.

These sturdy shutters deter would-be burglars right from the outset. They fit tightly over external windows and effectively block entry points for offenders wanting an easy path into homes and businesses.

With privacy, light and insulation benefits too, they can also dress up your home’s exterior from the minute they’re installed. Clients will enjoy a great colour palette across a range of designs, making it easy to select the one that best suits their property and their budget. Our staff are also happy to advise on operation mode options too.

Roller shutters in Geelong can also be a real advantage for people living in high-risk bushfire areas and they have noise-reduction capabilities too.

With all these benefits rolled into an elegant, timeless package, it’s no wonder people are turning to these window treatments for their residences, holiday homes and businesses.

If you are after external window treatments that can improve your security and usher in a range of other benefits, then it’s time to talk us at Blinds With An Edge about our great range of Geelong roller shutters. Please contact us today for information.