October 2, 2018

In an ever changing and tumultuous housing market you need to have an edge over the competition to get your home sold for a desirable price. Interiors With An Edge’s interior pre-sale staging in Geelong is carried out by our talented and knowledgeable team, giving home owners confidence entering the market knowing that they are capable of getting the maximum amount of money possible for your home.

Interior pre-sale staging is all about making your home look as enticing as possible, our interior designers know the patterns, designs, layouts and materials that will complement your home and have prospective buyers eager to submit an offer.

From enhancing the spaces in your home through smart furniture layouts and designs, to modernising the style of your home with elegant colour patterns, our team use their talent and expertise to get your home sold faster and for a more desirable price.

We will conduct a thorough walk through of your home deliberating on what can be altered or transformed to enhance your home’s chances on the market. You will also receive a detailed report that will give you all the information you need to know on what needs to be done to make your home market-ready.

Our goal is to design and style your home so that prospective buyers can envision themselves living their ideal day-to-day life in your property, giving the motivation and desire to put in that all important first offer.

Contact Interiors With An Edge to find out more about interior pre-sale staging service for Geelong homes, we will work with you to stage your home for prospective buyers and give it the best chance of selling at the ideal price. Enlisting the help of Interiors With An Edge is a worthwhile investment when it comes to selling your home in a competitive and constantly changing housing market.