April 30, 2019

When it comes to installing Ziptrak blinds Geelong residents can rest assured that these sophisticated outdoor blinds provide a host of year-round benefits.

These Australian-made blinds are versatile performers, no matter the season or the weather conditions. While their sleek design adds style to your home, they also tick all the boxes when it comes to easy use, performance and practicality.

So what makes this Ziptrak product so popular? Well, here are five benefits for you to consider:

  • Ziptrak blinds in Geelong allow you to make the best possible use out of your home’s outdoor areas;
  • They help you create a space that’s perfect for entertaining all year round, through hot days, bracing wind and even rain. With these blinds firmly in place, you can be fully enclosed in your outdoor “room” and protected from whatever the weather throws at you;
  • These blinds give you incredible control over light and temperature in your outdoor space, helping you to keep the sun’s heat at bay in summer. You can easily raise and lower them to the optimum level for the day’s conditions;
  • When the weather turns nasty, you’ll be well protected from wind and rain;
  • And Ziptrak blinds, which can be motorised, are extremely easy to operate with the simple touch of a button. There’s no hauling on cords or manhandling zips with this great product. They tuck away snugly in a rust-resistant aluminium pelmet – which stands up to harsh coastal conditions – when not in use.

Ziptrak blinds in Geelong are all about quality design and performance. Their  zipless, track-guided system makes irritating jamming a thing of the past. And that’s got to be good news to all of us who have wrestled with those difficult-to-operate outdoor blinds of years gone by.

If these blinds sound like a great enhancement to your outdoor entertainment area, why not contact our friendly team at Blinds With An Edge for more information. We have great respect for this range of outdoor blinds and we are here to help.