July 31, 2019

At Interiors With An Edge we love helping homes reach their full potential when they are listed for sale.

So when we were asked to carry out a Clifton Springs interior staging project to boost a home’s market appeal, we were delighted to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The home, with views of Corio Bay, looked stylish, contemporary and welcoming after our staging efforts. It was all about clean lines, coastal colours with blue accents and careful furniture choices. The comfortable, contemporary look and furniture placement also sold the home’s space well.

Maximising sale potential

Interior staging at Clifton Springs or elsewhere in the region, is all about helping the buyer to maximise the sale potential of their home. It’s about showcasing the house, making those all-important real estate photos sing and drawing people in for inspections. It’s about creating an interior that is inviting and stylish so people can imagine living within its walls. And it’s about setting the scene so people dig deep come auction day.

The housing market is a competitive beast. Your home won’t be the only one for sale in your area, maybe even your street. That means it has to stand out from the crowd – and clever interior staging helps you do just that. At Interiors With An Edge, we work hard to get your property’s interior noticed for all the right reasons.

That’s exactly what we set out to do with the recent Clifton Springs interior staging brief. You can see the results in the images below.

Stylish steps

Our team only needs to carry out a small tweak with some pre-sale styling jobs before the property goes on the market. For others, we carry out a major change of furniture and decor, reworking spaces to celebrate the home’s potential.

Property owners can take steps themselves before the style team starts work. These can be simple things such as removing personal items including ornaments and family photographs and decluttering rooms. A fresh coat of paint on interior walls is also a budget-friendly way to lift a home. Even mowing your lawn makes a real difference to your home’s appearance.

If you like the look of our Clifton Springs interior staging project and want our help to style your home before sale, please contact Interiors With An Edge today.