May 21, 2020

Roller shutters have been some of the most popular window covering choices for homeowners for decades, Blinds With An Edge installed a large quantity roller shutters in Geelong homes every year, so why are they so popular?

Roller shutters are such a great choice for Geelong homes for the following reasons:

More secure than many other window coverings

While crime is continuing on a downward turn in Victoria, home security is still a leading cause of concern for many homeowners. With roller shutters, you get a window covering that offers adequate protection from intruders. This external covering provides comprehensive protection for your windows.

Your windows are the most vulnerable part of your home, therefore it’s important they have the right protection. Our modern, sleek roller shutter means you also don’t have to compromise security for style.

Control over lighting and temperature

Having an external window covering gives you greater control over the amount of light and heat escapes or enters your home. In the more mild months, you can open them to let the sunlight in, and in the cooler months, you can close them to keep warm air inside your house.

This is also a great window covering for people work irregular hours or night shifts, with the ability to completely blackout the room.

Save time & money

Roller shutters cost less than many other types of window coverings, which makes them an affordable option for a range of homeowners. The fact that they also give you greater control over the lighting and temperature of your home also allows you to save a lot of money on energy costs. Maintaining the optimal temperature in your home prevents you from having to run your air conditioner or heater for extended periods of time.

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