May 24, 2017

Grey in all its shades is a great choice when it comes to window furnishings. Why? Because there are so many variations to choose from. The best thing about this shade is its adaptability. You can keep your greys cool with pinks and blues for chrome and metal finishes or you can warm the colour up by blending yellow and brown for timber and stone.

Grey can create wonderful drama through the darker shades of charcoal evoking striking contrasts with pale walls and furniture. Pale grey is always a favourite for matching watery pastels and creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your Geelong home.

Grey roller blinds, sheer curtains and drapes are so easy to match because of the neutral shade.  This means that your window furnishings will be relevant and on trend for years to come, simply by changing your cushions or bed linen as the years go by. Neutral grey is here to stay.

Organic grey shades now offer a modern update on cream and white, and richer hues can be introduced to complement a room’s colour palette. The only rule? Curtains should always touch the floor. This creates a luxurious effect and enhances any window.

Different shades of Grey are great for making bold statements. They are dramatic, moody and contrast beautifully with crisp whites.

You can utilize greys with different approaches to make unmistakably distinctive looks. Fabricate various layers of grey tones to make a modern statement in your Geelong home. Start with your window furnishings and incorporate grey in an element piece to pop and stand out in your bedroom or living room.

With our Mobile Showroom coming to your front door, we can show you working examples of all types of gorgeous window furnishings and 50 shades of grey samples. We make choosing your shade of grey easy.