June 7, 2017

A recent job we completed was in LeLean St, Ocean Grove.  The client brief was to finish off a minimal look for the new study/office/lounge/bedroom extension.  The new building was north facing with a westerly outlook.  Being north facing means that sun is streaming in all day.  Great in winter!  Lovely in summer in the mornings, however, to keep the inside cool in the afternoons, we really had to go with dual roller blinds.  The dual roller blinds were a great option, as during the morning the client can still enjoy the view without compromising privacy.  Of course, at night time, the blockout blind is great for privacy as well.  The blockout blind is also handy during those really hot days.  You can pull them down and keep the indoors nice and cool.

Our client loved browsing through the Mobile Showroom Van to see which colours she would go with.  There are so many colours to pick from!  In the end, the client chose a cool neutral look and will add colour to the new rooms with her cushions and artwork for the walls.  We have many colours and prints available in roller blinds, the only thing stopping you is your imagination!  We find Ocean Grove clients tend to go with the more neutral colours as the beach theme of sandy tones is very popular in this lovely part of the Coast.

Roller Blinds tend to be a popular choice too in Ocean Grove as there are many beautiful holiday homes that have that minimalist feel.  Roller Blinds serve their purpose very well for this.  They are great value, as well as look modern and stylish whether for family homes or holiday homes.  The other great benefit to roller blinds is that the turnaround times of ordering them and getting them made is very quick.  So, if you need to update in a hurry, roller blinds are a great option!