October 31, 2019

Interior pre-sale staging Drysdale homes is akin to putting out the welcome mat to prospective buyers.

It’s all about showing a house off to its best advantage. It sells the property’s features to people viewing real estate photos or attending inspections. And in the hands of Interiors With An Edge’s team, it can leave sellers reaping the rewards come auction day.

We recently completed an interior design project for a residential property in Drysdale. We’re confident our work showcases the property’s best features and sense of space. Just check out the photos below to see the finished results.

Our interior pre-sale staging for this Drysdale home was all about creating a modern, coastal feel with stylish features.

We worked hard to balance design style with family comfort to allow prospective buyers to envision their ideal lifestyle on the Bellarine Peninsula.

For instance, we used clean lines and soft tones to make the home inviting. Then we added accent pieces such as art work or cushions as points of interest within the rooms. As a result, it was uncluttered, open and warm. And we’re really pleased with how it looked.

It is amazing how some simple, yet thoughtful, styling can change the entire look of an interior. Interiors With An Edge staff work closely with homeowners to create a comprehensive, recognisable style in their home that ultimately adds value to the sale price.

It’s got to be cohesive, flow between rooms and give prospective buyers a first-hand view of how well the layout can work. As a result, styled properties catch the eye for all the right reasons.

When it comes to quality interior pre-sale staging Drysdale property owners wanting to sell can rely on us for a good result. Please contact Interiors With An Edge today.