December 19, 2019

For a retirement village resident in Geelong plantation shutters and sheer curtains have added practical appeal to the property.

The Blinds With An Edge team happily headed to Barwarre Gardens Lifestyle Village in Marshall recently to add the stylish window treatments to the resident’s home.

Sheers and plantation shutters are such a great addition to any home, especially one not far from the coast.

First of all, let’s talk about the sheer curtains. We think sheers are a fantastic choice for the space for a number of reasons. They allow ample natural light to flow into the living areas, while another layer of fabric curtains guarantees complete privacy when the resident requires it.

And now to the plantation shutters, which we used in the bathroom and kitchen areas. For many homes in Geelong plantation shutters are the go-to selection when it comes to dressing a window. That’s because they add instant style and sophistication, while also allowing for complete control over natural light, temperature and privacy.

Plantation shutters are immensely popular across the region and along the coast. Because of their versatility and classic elegance, they’re likely to remain that way for many years to come.

We were delighted to be able to help the resident transform their home at Barwarre Gardens Lifestyle Village. There’s great satisfaction in knowing the window furnishings you installed have added immediate style and comfort to the space in question. You can see the results in the photos below.

At Blinds With An Edge, our plantation shutter range includes sliding, swinging and bi-fold options in painted and stained designs. We also stock a wide range of sheer curtains for your selection too.

For more information on window treatment options including Geelong plantation shutters, contact the friendly staff at Blinds With An Edge today.