May 30, 2021

The value of investing in automated window coverings for your Geelong home

Automated window coverings in Geelong

Automated window coverings in Geelong homes are part of technology advances that are changing the way we live.

This high-tech addition to daily life is all about efficiency and ease of use, and it’s proving popular across the region.

At Blinds with an Edge, we’re not surprised people are embracing the automated approach. Being able to control your block-out blinds, sheers or even your shutters remotely with the press of a button or a smart device is a game changer for many.

While some people love the convenience it brings, for others it’s about making tasks simpler. And if you find it physically difficult to draw heavy curtains or large blinds, investing in automated window coverings in Geelong can be a perfect solution.

A small motor and remote are at the heart of automated systems. They can be fitted to a wide range of window treatments, allowing you to control them remotely.

Versatile performers

In today’s highly-digitised world,  the automated window coverings Geelong homeowners can rely on have arrived. They’re not futuristic – they’re realistic, affordable and available.

Automation can give your home’s value a boost. When combined with quality blinds, curtains or shutters, other benefits include:

  • Capacity to raise big, heavy blinds, making automated systems ideal for the elderly or people with limited movement;
  • Peace of mind and increased safety, due to no cords;
  • The ability to perform independently;
  • Ease of use for window furnishings that are up high and hard to get to;
  • Enhanced security, with automated systems allowing you to make it look like someone is always at home;
  • Boosted insulation and better temperature control, leading to reduced energy bills;
  • Added style and charm to your home;
  • And instant privacy.

If you are keen to explore the opportunities automated window coverings in Geelong can bring to your home, contact Blinds with an Edge’s experienced team on 0417 777 329. We are keen to help.