October 28, 2021

Premium and affordable motorised blinds for Geelong homes

Motorised blinds Geelong

With homeowners across the country eagerly adopting innovative technology advances, it’s not surprising that motorised blinds in Geelong are proving popular.

These blinds combine ease of use, convenience and comfort with style. And motorisation is also a great way to prolong the life of your window furnishings.

At Blinds With An Edge we love products that are highly functional and perform independently while looking a million dollars. With more and more people opting to ditch cord-operated blinds and switch to motorised options, it is clear they recognise the advantages too.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of use. With the touch of a button on your remote control you can lower or raise your blinds, with the motion driven by a small motorised unit. Options are also available that allow you to control blinds using a smart phone or tablet;
  • They are great for older people and those who have limited movement. Instead of struggling to operate large blinds by hand, technology does all the heavy lifting;
  • With cords out of the equation, so is the safety hazard to young children. This makes them an attractive option for young families.
  • The fabric last longer. Because you don’t have to touch the blind to operate it, there is less wear and tear on the material;
  • Great solution for those difficult-to-reach windows that may be up high or sited behind large furniture. You can also motorise external blinds for added convenience and ease of handling;
  • And improved temperature control and thermal insulation.

That’s just a taste of the advantages of motorised blinds in Geelong. We should also mention they look awesome and give an instant style lift to homes across the region. And for people looking to sell their property down the track, these window furnishings may well add value to your home.

Blinds With An Edge’s experienced and friendly staff are your go-to team when it comes to this type of window furnishing. We will help you find a perfect solution for your windows, offering great advice about fabric selection and style. In fact, we’ll drive our mobile showroom right to your door.

For more information about motorised blinds Geelong people can contact us on 0417 777 329. Don’t forget to ask about our free measure and quote service and before and after-hours consultations.

Motorised blinds Geelong