August 4, 2020

Now that winter is upon us in Geelong and we are spending much more time in our homes due to COVID-19, it is important that we have the right curtains in Geelong to make us feel cosy and safe. Blinds with an Edge proudly offer Geelong and surrounds a luxury service that provides you with the perfect window furnishings to match the style your home.

The Hamptons style, also known as the ‘coastal’ look, has completely taken over the Australian interior design industry and continues to inspire the way we style our homes. While you may think this aesthetic is reserved for the summertime, it is in-fact widely popular all year round. This is due to the Hampton style curtains catering to the colder months by offering both sheer and heavy variations. For the warmer periods, the sheer curtains are suitable and for when it turns colder, the heavy curtains create a cosy atmosphere.

The Hampton heavy linen curtains provide energy conservation and insulation for colder periods, meaning that you have the perfect temperature control for your rooms, as well as light control, which helps to manage household energy expenditure. This style of curtains also helps with room darkening by blocking out light through the fabric’s thermal properties. So, if you want to spend your Geelong winter warm indoors than the Hampton style curtains are the perfect option for you!

During COVID-19, it is important to stay at home as much as possible, that’s why our mobile showroom, which comes to your front door, is the perfect option to browse our beautiful products. Contact us on 0417 777 329 today for a free quote, or request our mobile showroom, and well bring Blinds with an Edge to you!

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