September 1, 2020

Blinds with an Edge stock a wide range of dual roller blinds that offer your Geelong home the WOW factor that you’ve been looking for. Also known as day and night blinds, roller blinds consist of two different blinds, a sunscreen layer typically used during the daytime and a blackout layer used during the night or to block out light.

Not only are these blinds user-friendly, innovative and functional and but offer various benefits for your home in Geelong, including:

Light control

Dual roller blinds offer you the ability to control the light inside your home or room. If you desire your room to be completely dark, the blackout blind will block out all sunlight coming in and create the impression of nighttime. Conversely, the sheer blinds can be used to allow for varying amounts of light to come into the room – which can be handy for days spent on the couch watching Netflix or working from home.

Ensures privacy

Having privacy in your home is a necessity, and by having dual roller blinds, you can control how much or little you have. If you live close to your neighbours or have street-facing windows, dual roller blinds can ensure that you are not seen when you don’t want to be. You can either use the blackout blind for complete privacy or the sheer blind as an effective barrier, whilst still reaping the benefits of the sunlight.

Sleek and unique look

Dual roller blinds have the ability to transform your bland room into one that is stylish, on-trend, and unique. Blinds with an edge have a vast selection of roller blinds that come in various colours and designs, working to match the personal aesthetic of each home. The dual roller blind design is clean, modern and on-trend, giving your room the look it deserves.

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